How to deal with altitud sickness

altitude sickness
Laguna Huamantay

You have probably read about a lot of trekking routes in Peru but you are worried about the altitude sickness (called Soroche in Peru) and you want to know how to deal with it

Well, here we are going to give you some advices for preparing yourself before the trekking and deal with the altitude sickness.

Follow these advices

1. Start training one month before your visit to Peru. You need to start running or doing the escalator at the gym to develop some resistance.

If you can , train also with some weight so you can get your leg muscles stronger.

2. Eat very light before your trip and specially before the trekking. It is recommended to eat pasta the night before so you can have enough energy. Also take some protein bars for the walk.

3. You will need to climate your body to the high altitude. Arrive one day before the trekking so you can get use to the altitude first. Eat very light and have a lot of water and coca´s tea (it is made with coca leafs). There are also some pills for the altitude sickness, the name is Sorochipil. Usually you will get picked up very early in the morning. so you could take the pill at the time.

4. Something very important while you are doing the trekking is the way you breath. The best way to breath is with you nose, do not use only your mouth.If you feel you are running out of air , then there is a trick you can try. Take some air with your nose and then breath out only with your mouth but in a strong way and also stop walking and rest for some time.            

5. Chew coca leafs can help you a lot too. Take some leafs and put them inside of your mouth (on a side) and chew them, do not eat, just drink the juices. It will give you a lot of energy. 

6. Be always covered from the cold. Specially cover your ears and head, this will avoid the headache.

7. Take some snacks for when you arrive like chocolate or protein bars. 

This is all you need to deal with altitude sickness when you go on a trekking in Peru.



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